We are delighted to announce a two-day workshop on Molecule Trajectories in Cellular Spaces: promoting interactions between theoreticians and experimentalists, that will be held at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (France) on November 16-17, 2015.

The goal of this workshop is to help mobilise and liven up the interest of theoreticians and modellers and present them with the most recent experimental results and new functional questions brought about by correlation (FCS, FCCS,…) or supra-resolution microscopies (STORM, PALM…), related to how biomolecules or vesicles move in the cell and its membranes.

A series of invited talks will bring together theoreticians/modellers and experimentalists working on the spatial (or spatiotemporal) dynamics of:

  • the transcriptional machinery
  • synaptic receptors
  • viral assembly
  • intracellular transports

Registration is free but mandatory. It includes coffee breaks and lunch buffets.

Upon registration, participants are encouraged to submit an abstract of their current work to be presented as a short talk. 6 to 8 abstracts will be selected for short talks by the Organizing Committee.

Molecule Trajectories in Cellular Spaces is an event organized and supported by GdR 2588 Micropscopie et Imagerie du Vivant (MIV) and co-sponsored by BioSyL, the Research Federation for Systems Biology at University of Lyon.

The workshop announcement poster can be downloaded here.

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